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Get to know me

Here's the part where you get to learn a bit more about me.


It's so important to find a videographer that's right for you so use this page to see if I'm the one for you.


How it started...

I've been working with cameras since I was a teenager filming anything I could think of. I enjoyed it but struggled to find something I was truly passionate about until a friend asked me to film their vow renewal. At first I was skeptical but as a favour I said yes and it gave me a chance to improve my filming and editing skills.

I was hooked! I was editing the footage and enjoying every part of it. Best of all I knew it was something my friends would cherish for a long time. From that point on I knew being a Wedding Videographer was my passion.

I love how much a wedding video means to people – capturing someone’s special day and creating a treasured memory is a feeling like no other…


Am I right for you?

It's so important to find a videographer that has a style to suit you and your wedding day; one that fulfils your vision for the video and also blends into your day seamlessly.

My style of filming is natural, capturing the raw, unique and personal moments of the day so you can relive your special day as it was. No staged moments, no special effects, just the perfect way to remember your wedding.

It's key in this job to be discreet, almost invisible, in order to capture those moments and allow the day to run smoothly. No-one wants a camera in their face, nor my head blocking their view which is why I keep to the background as much as possible and dress to fit in with your other guests. I mean... who doesn't love a good suit?

Does this sound like the style you are looking for?

Image by Micheile Henderson

Capturing memories

You will rarely find me without a camera in my hand, whether that be on a holiday in Iceland or a walk in the local park. Whilst living in the moment is extremely important for me I have learnt from experience that being able to relive those memories, no matter how big or small, is priceless.

This also goes for weddings too; every detail, big or small, should be captured.



I have always had a keen interest in filming and photography which led me into my current role as a Production Coordinator for ITV working on shows like The Voice, Dancing On Ice and Love Island. I have learnt so much, but most importantly what it takes to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

It also helps that I am calm under pressure and a man that can multitask.

Working in ITV


Get in contact

It's a big thing to trust someone enough to film your wedding! 


Get in touch today and allow me to prove

LJ Films is the best choice for you

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