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Commonly Asked

Trying to find the right videographer for your wedding day can be a difficult task so here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide.

1) What if we were to change the date after booking?

If you change the date and I'm available then it's simple we can just moving of the date however, if I'm not available then I will give you a full refund. The only exception to this is if the date changes less than 3 weeks before the wedding day and I'm not available for the new date then a refund can't be issued.

2) How long does the editing take?

As will be stated in the contract the final product will be delivered in 6-8 weeks or possibly sooner.

3) What music can be in the video?

Due to licencing only royalty free music can be used in your wedding video. If copyright music is used it would be illegal and, if you were to post it on social media, the video would get taken down. I can send over some samples so you have an idea of what might be used

4) Are there any hidden additional costs?

There are no hidden costs. The add on prices can be given on request but the base prices wouldn't change. The only additional costs would come if the address of the wedding was far enough away to require travel / hotel costs to be added on or if you ask for the video to be changed after the final edit but this is all outlined in the contract.

5) Do you have a payment plan and how much is the deposit to hold the date?

The deposit is £100 to secure the wedding date and then the remaining total needs to be paid up to 3 weeks before the date.

6) How do you operate on the day?

operate as the main videographer with two camera rigs and my assistant videographer handles the kit and the tripod camera. I've got long lenses so I can be in the background as I like to capture the raw feel of the day which works best when people don't have a camera in their face. I also wear a suit in order to blend in better.

In terms of my timings I don't set hours on a filming day so I will liaise with you about when you are getting ready (if you want this captured), and aim to get both parties filmed in your separate places and then film the rest of the day. The shot list below is what I would normally get but we can discuss customising this to meet your needs:

- shots of both parties getting ready

- shots of empty venue

- shots of guests arriving

- shots of groom/groomsmen arriving

- shots of everyone taking seats and waiting for bride

- shots of bride arriving

- shots of bride walking down the aisle

- shots of ceremony (if possible I will have the groom mic'd up to pick up audio of the ceremony)

- shots of the wedding speeches and reactions  

- shots of the cake cutting 

- variety of shots of reception from after the ceremony until nearer the end of the night with dancing etc. I'll only leave once I feel I have enough of the night

7) How would you describe your style of videography?

My style of videography is slow motion & cinematic as you can see on my portfolio page. That being said it doesn't mean it's all in slow motion, but it does look better in my experience.

8) Will the video use dialogue from the day or just music?

A bit of both. It will have music (which will be copyright free so you can post it on social media) with some audio of speeches, ceremony etc over the top at the appropriate times.

9) Can you do aerial filming?

I won't be able to do any aerial filming, however I am looking into a small camera that attaches to a pole and should be able to go up around 5m allowing me to get an overhead shot but this is still TBC. If this is something you are interested in though please get in touch and we can discuss this further.

10) Do you have business insurance?

I have public liability insurance and kit insurance. If my kit gets damaged by myself then there will be no cost to you, however if it is damaged by yourself or one of the guests then it will be a small excess charge from the insurance company.

In terms of the public liability insurance, this means if myself or my kit injures anyone (eg. tripping on a cable) then I have insurance in place to cover this.

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